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does it seem like John Lennon has come back to life and started singing “come together” through the internet.  Every single one of my major bookmarks has something, flickr is making photos dark, wiki and google are going all out, and tumblr has you folks posting a bunch of stuff.  When the internet was first created the creators imagined such a wealth of knowledge so that every child would be a genius.  Now, I wouldn’t say we’re all geniuses in the internet age, but I sometimes think how much I’ve learned from the internet, and I have learned a lot.  And it might be rebutted that they wouldn’t stop that learning, but damaging the construct, fucking with the subculture’s system, attempting to manipulate the internet and in any way messing with it’s future (and I don’t think any of the elected officials voting on this see such a future that we will make of it) is a bad idea.  As for fighting against piracy on the internet, I say fuck that.  If everyone can get something for free after it comes out on dvd there’s more stress on the market than ever to put out a good product.  And in the music industry, people support artists they really like, seeing them live and buying merchandise and their cds just for support even though they could get them for free online is the way it should be.  So the huge shit music producers who have been shitting out shitty music for the past fifteen years will actually have to work to make things better and better now, and the shit hollywood films will actually have to catch people and draw them into the box office with trailers now.  That’s how it was before the internet when there were no dvds for extra profit, and that’s how it will be again.  To all of you who are reading this, a toast to the philosophy we’ve all formed through the server viens and ip address nerves and the content we all put out as the blood of this great thing we call the internet.